Aldatkmak Episode 16 English subtitles

Sabih Ur RehmanDecember 29, 2022

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About the Series

Güzide Yenersoy is a respectable family court judge living in Istanbul. With a marriage of 30 years and two children, Güzide Yenersoy has what could be described as the epitome of a perfect family. Her husband, Tarık, is an experienced and successful lawyer, running his own law firm. Her son, Ozan, is a construction engineer working at a prestigious company, while her daughter, Oylum, is studying medicine in the Netherlands, upon her mother’s insistence. From the outside, Yenersoy family has a picture-perfect life based on trust and love, but the truth is completely different from this false reality. Although everything seems to be going well, Güzide is not aware that the events buried in the past will come to light again.Every member of her family, whom she loves and dedicates her life to, is lying to Güzide. She does not know that Oylum has made the decision to go to the USA to realize her dream of studying modern dance.

Last Episode Summary

Her courageous action against Tarak and Yeşim front makes Güzide a target once more.
After losing her job, Güzide discovers a way to bring her family back together.

A fire begins on the Tolga front for Oylum, who is unsure of how to feel about Behram’s interest in her. The two will have to face another challenging test in their relationship when it comes to Oltan’s blackmailing of Ozan and Güzide. Will Tolga be able to stick by his choice to build a barrier between him and his father in order to protect the woman he loves if and when he needs her?

Despite Tark’s attempts to defeat Güzide, he is once more forced to acknowledge Elmas’s strength. All the doors he knocked on in an effort to protect his wealth were closed.

Yeşim, on the other hand, delivers ykü to a negligent carer as a result of a last-minute travel arrangement. Because of her flaws, Ümit, who will run into ykü once more, will endanger both the young girl and herself.

While Güzide and her kids are growing closer to one another, they are all preoccupied with the problems they face on a daily basis in their personal lives.

Güzide is troubled by the things Sezai has not told her about the harbour where she seeks refuge, while her children are doubting the voice in their hearts.

Release Date

Episode 16 is the sixteen episode of season one of “Aldatmak“. The episode premieres Thursday, January 5th, 2023 on ATV .

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