Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi Episode 18 With English Subtitles

Sabih Ur RehmanDecember 26, 2022

Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi Episode 18 English Subtitles with English Subtitles; We will upload within 2 hours after air on Turkish123TV please stay with us thank you… Turkish Episodes where you can watch and review in English subtitles.

About The Series

A self-made woman, Elif owns her own wedding and events organization company and has forged her successful professional career with effort and tenacity. She is happily married to Hakan, the COO of a major company with whom she has yet to have any children. The same day that Elif considers starting the adoption process, she receives an unexpected call from the hospital to inform her that her husband had been in an accident. Arriving at the hospital, Elif learns that her husband has died. Elif goes from sadness to major surprise after discovering that Hakan has a daughter. Disappointed and distraught, she can hardly believe that her husband has betrayed her by hiding for years that he had another wife and a daughter, Guneş, who is unable to speak. Elif tries to communicate with her to no avail and her world falls apart. While she lives a real nightmare, she meets Firat, a businessman who has been looking for her missing sister for years, and their paths cross inevitably.

Last Episode 17 Summary

Ümran, who learns that Fırat and Elif are secretly married, is determined to make Elif’s life a hell. Although Elif is now Fırat’s wife, she will never be her daughter in law.

Fırat asks Elif to be patient until the ceremony to be held for the society. While Elif endures every difficulty for Güneş, Dila can’t get used to the new situation.

While Ümran is looking for the other reasons behind this marriage, Sude realizes that the marriage is illegal. Sude is determined to get her revenge, waiting for the right moment, the wedding ceremony, to send Elif to prison and separate her from Fırat.

Elif, who is unaware of everything, is terrified of learning the terrible secret about the family.

Release Date

Episode 18 of Bir Kucuk Gun Isigi will be released on January 2nd, 2022 on ATV.

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