Darmaduman Episode 9 English Subtitles

Sabih Ur RehmanDecember 17, 2022

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About the Series

‘Darmaduman’ is a Turkish remake of the award-winning American television series, Beverly Hills, 90210, which premiered originally in the 90s.

In this adaptation, the Servet Family, who moved from Eskişehir to Istanbul for family reasons, enters a completely different environment. Trying to adapt to the environment in the private university they started, the twins Kerem (Mert Yazıcıoğlu) and Ece (Aslıhan Malbora) will meet people who are not like them, and while they are in growing pains, they will go on a long journey called youth, where they will be thrown away with the searches, mistakes and the excitement of first love to discover themselves.

While the twins are being tested with growing pains, when their father Harun (Necip Memili) is forced to return to his father’s home, where he has not stepped foot in 25 years, the resentment between father and son will strain the whole family with deep reckonings. Their mother, Beliz (Nur Fettahoğlu), will enter a new period in which she will discover herself. When the twins’ grandfather Asaf and their grandmother Ayla start living under the same roof with their sons and grandchildren 25 years later, they will realize that growth and maturation span a lifetime with the conflicts they will enter.

Last Episode 8 Summary

As they search for answers to their questions, Evren and Yaz find themselves in the midst of a confrontation. Yaz carries on drifting into the unknown as the universe grows enraged. Kerem will ask for an explanation after hearing what has left him shaken. Derin is the one who maintains neutrality throughout this exchange. Ece bravely admits her error, and this circumstance will be crucial in forging new connections. It moves in the direction of calming the tense environment. This action serves as the foundation for a fresh alliance. A surprise offer from an unexpected source will astound Harun.

Release Date

Episode 9 is the ninth episode of season “Darmaduman”. The episode premieres Saturday, December 24th, 2022 on FOX .

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