Gonul Dagi Episode 82 English Subtitles

Sabih Ur RehmanJanuary 7, 2023

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About the Series

Taner is a young inventor living in a small town named Gedelli in the middle of the moor. Taner and his cousins Veysel and Ramazan had been dreaming to build an airplane for years and they finally managed to build it, and also at the same time they succeed to convince a company to see and invest in their airplane. The company decided to send an engineer to the town. This engineer was a surprise name; his childhood sweetheart Dilek.

Last Episode 81 Summary

The sons of the uncle make the decision to research the needs of the locals in order to make a wise investment. His uncle’s sons, who began conducting R&D in the community, create inventions in response to complaints from the local populace. Sons of the uncle promote their creation and begin receiving subscriptions. The mounting pressure from Halime to get married overwhelms Taner. Taner takes his son and leaves the house with him to escape the pressure after learning that his older sister Zahide shares the same viewpoints as his mother. Taner will move where? Muammer and Hüseyin do not trust one another, despite hiding the gold they discovered in the safe from everyone.

Döndü is intrigued by the way Hüseyin and Muammer continue to act as though they are an unbreakable unit. To assist Muammer, Kenan drives his father somewhere. Wherever he goes, will Muammer be able to work out his issues with Veysel? Javelin travels by himself. Throughout the journey, he looks for answers to his questions. When Divane comes back, will Ciritçi be able to deal with him?

Asuman starts to worry that Ramazan won’t be able to maintain the positions he has taken. It is revealed what Asuman did during Ramadan in secrecy. Hacer finds it awkward that her son lives in the cottage by himself. When Hacer attempts to bring Rifat home but is unsuccessful, she talks to her once more and places the two of them in a challenging situation. What transpired to Irin with a letter written under his own name surprises Erkan. When confronted with a disciplinary offence, what will Erkan do? Will Taner discover the rationale behind his mother Halime’s insistence that he get married?

Release Date Episode 82: Gonul Dagi

Gonul Dagi Episode 82 Turkish Drama Series starring Berk Atan and Gülsim Ali releases on

14th January 2023 at 20:00 on TRT1.

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