Kardeslerim Episode 73 English Subtitles

Sabih Ur RehmanDecember 17, 2022

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About the Series

Asiye, Kadir, Mer, and Emel After a string of unfortunate incidents, these four siblings who are very close to one another lose both their parents. As they no longer have anyone else to rely on after losing the people who matter most to them, all they can do is hold on to one another. That is, until Akif Atakul, the person responsible for all of their problems, invites them into a college he owns and introduces them to an entirely new and different way of life. Everybody changes in this new life where the paths of the wealthy and the poor, the criminal and the victim converge, but Kadir will do whatever it takes to support and defend his family.

Last Episode 72 Summary

Will I strike you directly in the head?
They slapped our backs while taking the joy that was stuck in our throats.

The birth of Engül, which is just a few hours away, is in grave danger. Doruk and Asiye are becoming increasingly estranged as a result of their argument with her mother, and positive fraternity winds start to blow on the front of Mer and Yasmin. Nebahat wants to persuade Doruk of her innocence while Sarp plots a cunning attack on Mer. Tarhan is committed to adhering to the Tolgas. Leyla, on the other hand, is greatly startled by the image she sees.

Release Date

Episode 73rd is the seventy third episode of season “Kardeşlerim”. The episode premieres Saturday, December 24th 2022 on ATV .

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