Sifirinci Gun Episode 4 in English Subtitles

Sabih Ur RehmanJanuary 11, 2023

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About the Series

Sfrnc Gün centres on a unique police team of seven officers and their supervisor Kadir, whom they all regard as a father.

The team, which has developed into a true family over the years, is looking for Ejder, the head of the organised crime group. The team is unaware that their lives will completely change on the day they plan to carry out the “Sfrnc Gün” operation when they arrive in Ejder at the end of a protracted and exhaustive investigative period. Up until that point, their operation had only been a dream. Two of the team’s favourite players, Ozgur and Mert, accept blame for the error and come up with a solution. Kadir, their superior, also refuses to leave the case. The group, who will give their lives to save one another other, comes together to take revenge and somewhat lessen their suffering after rising from the ashes.

Last Episode Summary

The battle for the survival of their beloved superior, Kadir, deeply affects the whole team. Despite all their pain, the team pursues the event. To this end, they do not hesitate to cooperate with the new chief of the team, Fatih. The team begins to investigate the incident in which Kadir was injured and all the smugglers were killed. When they realize that there is a smuggler named Dündar, who did not attend the meeting, they follow suit. The only obstacle in front of Ejder to rise from the ashes as a clean businessman is this smuggler who escaped from his hand at that meeting. A race begins between our cops and Ejder to catch this man. 

On the one hand, Salih, who is after Dündar, is left with what Kadir said. He begins to chase after the secret that Kadir has revealed to him. With what he learned, he finds himself in the lap of a much bigger dilemma.

Release Date Episode 4: Sıfırıncı Gün

Episode 4 is the third episode of season one of “Sıfırıncı Gün“. The episode premieres Wednesday, January 18th, 2023 on TV8 .

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