Yargi Episode 52 English Subtitles

Sabih Ur RehmanJanuary 22, 2023

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About the Series

Ceylin’s father was set up for a crime he didn’t commit while she was still in law school. Since her father was put in prison, Ceylin has known which side of the line she stands on when it comes to the law and justice. As a defence lawyer, Ceylin earns a reputation for being a fearless, impulsive, and aggressive advocate. She is respected by her peers but is frequently in conflict with the police and prosecutors.

Ilgaz is a strict prosecutor who follows the law to the letter. Ilgaz inherits his uncorruptible sense of right and wrong from his well-respected father, the Istanbul Police Department’s chief of homicide. He views justice and the law as being one and the same.

Last Episode 51 Summary

Ceylin is now faced with a fresh problem. She receives a threatening phone regarding the file, which will exacerbate her already-existing conflict with Ilgaz. Will the instinct to defend the man she loves and the reflex to solve the case as quickly as possible be sufficient to keep them together? Ilgaz and Eren are trying to figure out what occurred on the wedding day in their investigation of the “bride found dead on the wedding day.”

A web of peculiar and enigmatic ties develops as more and more information about the case is made public. Despite Yekta Tilmen’s efforts to get to know his son Mer even better, Mer’s erratic behavior will continue to astound him daily.

Release Date Episode 52: Yargi

Episode 52 of ‘Yargi‘ will be released on 29th January, 2023 Sundays at 20:00, on official Channel Kanal D.

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